Picky Partners: How to Know You Found The Right ‘One’

Picky Partners: How to Know You Found The Right ‘One’

Being in a relationship can be a lot of fun – but it can also be incredibly stressful. Sometimes getting on the same page can take an incredible amount of work and it can be hard knowing what to do in these situations. This article will attempt to explore the ways in which we, strong women, can stay picky and ensure we find the right partner for us.

Is this a good match emotionally?
Does the chemistry between you and your partner seem to flow naturally? Do you feel right at home with this person? Does this make you feel comfortable? Can you handle this connection with them that you have never had before? Once you can answer these questions without the need to “check the compatibility,” then you’ve found your match.

Is this someone that someone like you would be attracted to?
If you already know that this person is someone that you find attractive, then congratulations! That’s key here: Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of wanting to bring this person into your life. Instead, enjoy the company that you have with them and go with what you feel. It’s much more rewarding when you let yourself go with your instincts.

Does this relationship work?
Do you have the same goals? Are you communicating enough? These are just a few of the questions that you need to be asking yourself. Now, you need to get down to figuring out if this will be a long-term relationship. You have found your match! But if it isn’t going to be, then you definitely need to do some work.

Can you stay excited in this relationship?
If you don’t think that this is going to be the relationship that stays with you, then you must know that this person is worth it. You have to stay excited about this person and know that you will get plenty of great times together. Otherwise, you are just not worth it.

How to make it better
What can you do to change this and make it better? It’s really a matter of understanding the difference between these types of people and how to tell the difference between a person who is naturally attracted to you and someone who is going to be hard to please. If your potential partner is bad in bed then you can even consult a sexologist to help make the intimate moments more special.

These types of partners need to be enlightened on how to be more exciting. So, you may want to take your significant other to a movie or dinner and teach them about new, exciting, and even different things. By doing this you can have the opportunity to fall in love with one another. Make sure that you are both on the same page about what you want your relationship will be, and you will find yourself having the best time of your life.