Sex After Lockdown: What You Need to Consider

Sex After Lockdown: What You Need to Consider

We all wish that we could go back to a normal life after Covid, but the truth is that we are likely to be scarred by this event forever. The way we approach human interaction may change from now on and we may become more conscious and cautious of the people we let close to us. Many other things could end up changing, including your love and sex life. So, what can we expect of sex past COVID? Let’s take a look at a few things you may need to consider.

More People May Be in Relationships

Being locked down without being able to roam freely and meeting in large numbers has shown us the importance of family and having a strong support system. People who were once reluctant to settle down may have realised how precious and valuable a steady relationship can be. And this is not just an impression. One study found that 34% of parents stated that COVID may have convinced them to have children sooner.

What this means is that you may have to work harder if you’re single, and that activity on sites that cater to the casual dating niche might be down for a good while.

People Might Still be Wary of Physical Contact

One thing that might stick around for a good while is the germophobic tendencies many have developed during the crisis. Don’t expect sanitiser gels to go away immediately and we can expect to see a lot of people sporting masks voluntarily.

The Other Options

You may also be the one who wants to limit contact during that time but still have some fun. In this case, know that there are tons of alternatives to meeting people. Some have turned to things such as cam sex. Live cam sex sites like Babestation have been booming since the pandemic, and it’s likely to continue to do so afterwards. They have free cam sex options and paid ones if you want to get closer to the models. This could allow you to let off some steam and slowly get back into the habit of speaking with people.

Expect for Old Partners to Start Reappearing

More people will seek the familiar because of the reluctance to meet new people, and for this, they might want to be with people they already know. So, if you find people you haven’t seen in a while in your inbox, don’t be surprised. Likewise, you might also start reminiscing about old times out of the blue. This is normal since we’re getting more selective about the people we let into our lives, and old partners bring a sense of comfort, predictability, and security.

Forget Bars

If you are more of a face-to-face kind of person, you might have to turn to online dating for a good while. Even if pubs open back up, interactions will still be curtailed. People will be going with all different intentions. They might decide to go with a pre-selected group of friends and be more concerned about having a good time with their circle than meeting new people. So be, prepared for the scene to be tough for a while.

Prepare for the First Time to be Awkward

You also have to prepare for sex after lockdown to feel like it’s the first time again. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since a lot of us have grown desensitised to it. This means, however, that you have to choose the first person you have sex with carefully.

And don’t be surprised if someone refuses to kiss or pops out the sanitiser before getting into the action. You may even have to skip foreplay entirely, and not everyone likes the idea of getting straight into intercourse with someone they’ve barely met. So, you might have to rethink your whole idea of casual sex from now on.

Prepare for a Lot of Back and Forth

People will be vetting who they meet more carefully from now on, so that means that you will have to get your sexting game on. If you aren’t good with words, you’ll have a hard time enticing people enough to meet you. You will also have to rethink your online dating profiles.

You need to show more effort in showcasing your personality and putting information out about you. Again, we can expect people to spend a lot more time analysing people’s profiles from now on as a reflex, so make sure that you project the image of a fun, but responsible person.

While we would all wish to go back to a happier time, chances are COVID will have a lasting effect on human interactions. The way we approach sex will certainly change and you have to be prepared for that shift.

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