When the Autostraddle team compared the tapes, we realized that not only some of us had lesbian moms, but even many of us are 95% sure that our moms are completely gay, but we will not name names. We knew we were enrolling to be mothers of babies and that there were no men in our house, and that was because we were lesbians. Well, our kids have two mums and we're happy to say that this never happened to us on Long Island and their birthdays were always unexpectedly packed with their friends and classmates. Sure, I had to get the attention of moms from time to time, but judging from my current experience with my girls' babies, this is perfectly normal.

My mom also came from a place where she did not accept me as a lesbian many years ago, to a place where she now loves my fiancee Mandy as her daughter. My experience at Free Mom Hugs gives me the opportunity to hear amazing stories of parents who come to terms with their children's sexuality and through adoption. Alfredson traveled to Norway many times to visit his adopted daughter. She said that the girl still thinks she is one of her mothers. So my stepmother gave birth to her, but my biological mother is still her mother.

When I was pregnant, a lesbian couple with three children asked what we wanted the child to call us. And my son replied, “My mothers were next to me,” and jokingly continued: “In fact, one of my mothers is pretty courageous,” she replied. Lesbian moms don't have to fit into traditional gender roles in order to successfully raise our children, especially our children. We are both parents and we are both women, therefore we are both mothers; in addition, we are both equally responsible for the well-being, safety and education of our children.

You have truly received the best gift of all when you have parents who love you so much. Children raised in single-parent families will be the first to tell you that they are grateful to the parent who raised them. I think it’s much harder for homosexuals to penetrate into the group of mothers serving the parents of young children (whether gay or heterosexual). For lesbian moms (this is not an article that despises anyone who claims to be a parent), comments such as "you need a man in your life to help your child" do not make parenting easier.